Premium Delisse Coca Tea 25 Bags

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Buy delisse coca tea (mate de coca), this tea preserves all the healing properties of the coca leaf, made with leaves finely chopped and packed in heat-sealable filter paper of German technology.

Volume: 1 box / 25 tea bags

Delisse Coca Tea 25 Tea Bags are made from the finest coca leaves, offering the natural energy-boosting and digestive benefits of the Andes Mountains. This large package is perfect for long-term use and can easily be incorporated into your daily health routine. Effective against altitude sickness, this tea also helps to alleviate stomach discomfort and improve overall health. Discover the authentic taste of Peru with every sip and feel the natural health support.

Premium Delisse Coca Tea


Premium Delisse Coca Tea is made from the finest coca leaves harvested in the Andes Mountains. Known for its energizing and digestive benefits, this tea is perfect for those seeking a natural remedy for altitude sickness and an overall wellness boost. Enjoy the rich, traditional taste of Peru with every sip.

Delisse Coca Leaf


Delisse Coca Leaf offers the purest form of coca leaves, carefully selected and dried to maintain their natural properties. Chewing coca leaves has been a traditional practice in the Andes for centuries, known to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue. Experience the authentic taste and benefits of Delisse Coca Leaf.

Delisse Coca Powder


Delisse Coca Powder is a versatile product made from finely ground coca leaves. Ideal for making teas, smoothies, or adding to your favorite recipes, this powder provides a convenient way to enjoy the natural benefits of coca. Enhance your daily wellness routine with Delisse Coca Powder.

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Explore our range of coca teas, crafted from the highest quality coca leaves. Our teas are designed to provide natural energy, aid digestion, and support overall health. Perfect for those looking to incorporate traditional Andean remedies into their daily routine.



Our selection of coca leaves is sourced directly from the Andes, offering a natural and traditional way to boost energy and alleviate altitude sickness. Chew the leaves or brew them into a tea to enjoy their numerous health benefits.



Discover the versatility of coca powder with Delisse. Our coca powder can be easily added to a variety of recipes, providing a natural boost of energy and wellness. Perfect for smoothies, teas, and more.



Natural Energy Boost


Coca products are known for their ability to naturally enhance energy levels without the jitters associated with other stimulants. Perfect for a midday pick-me-up or to combat fatigue.

Digestive Health


Coca leaves and teas have been used traditionally to aid digestion and soothe stomach discomfort. Incorporate coca into your diet to support a healthy digestive system.

Altitude Sickness Relief


One of the most well-known benefits of coca is its effectiveness in alleviating symptoms of altitude sickness. Perfect for travelers and those living at high altitudes.

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